The package contains screws and dowels for mounting on concrete or brick wall.

Remember, that for gypsum plasterboard, wooden or other type of walls, you’ll need to have mounting screws dedicated for that kind.

Prior mounting, prepare a screwdriver with proper tip, a driller with ø 5mm drill, hammer, pencil, measuring tape and leveler. Choose the right spot for the hanger, make sure it’s not covered by the furniture, make sure it has at least 15cm of empty space around it and the mounting position matches the winners height.


Alight the hanger on the wall and mark the drilling holes with a pencil.


Put down the hanger, take the driller and drill the mounting holes in the wall.


Place the dowels in the holes. Use the hammer if needed (but be careful not to destroy the wall).


Align the hanger and tighten the screws.


Your hanger is ready! Time to put all your medals on it.