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MOTIVATIONAL SHOE PLAQUES FOR 4 SEASONS - SET Show your love of running with this original shoe motivating jewelry. Have you achieved your goal? - or maybe it's on the horizon! While running, looking at your shoes, you can have the motivation you need and inspire others with your achievement. Our motivating running plates give the shoes charm and originality. This is a great cross-country gift for you and your running partner! This unique accessory will inspire you every time you lace your shoes! Always stylish for sports! The price is for a set of 4 plaques for each of the seasons :) Remember: Little things make Big Days

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The price is for 4 pieces - Spring,Summer,Autumn, Winter

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Shoe cover plate:

• Made of satin stainless steel

• Packed in a black velvet jewelry bag

• Strong, no bends

• clean line, precision


Dimensions of the plaque:

length 4 cm

width 1.4 cm

Thickness 2 mm

Weight – 7 g

(Dimensions are approximate)


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